Propositions and Proposals by The Green Empower Organization

This is the propositions and proposals working domain of The Green Empower Organization. Here we will draft for the consideration of other organizations and individuals whether they be governments, non-profits, working groups or ...

We propose the creation of new TLDs (internet domain name extensions ex. .com or .org). These would be useful in our operation if they were available.

.lab : For scientific and technical work.

.hub : For integrated and broad services.

.ent : Entertainment and or Enterprise.

.ext : Extension.

.etc : Etcetera.

.mod : Modification or modifier.

.misc : Miscellaneous.

.mark : For markets and exchanges.

.os : For operating system projects.


Require insurance companies to discriminate against individuals on the basis of age, highschool diploma or any other personal life decision or circumstance that are highly personal or sensitive.

Limit the scope of the education system so that it's functions pertaining to childhood and family services are seperated, expanding and more appropriately (better) funded.

Provide more robust paths for a child to exit the education system when it is determined (with input from the child if possible) that they are not benefiting from the service or that it is actively harmful for them.

The military should be broken up and the agencies seperated and funded seperately. This could have the effect defunding the institution as a whole without rightfully upsetting too many people.

We need to see existing IP/patent/copyright law either deeply reformed or abolished completely. There is no sense in a socialistic/anarchistic society for it.

Private schooling shall be radically reformed or done away with. The quality of a child's education shall not be determined by their zip code or the relative wealth of their parents.